Professional Certification and Award

Professional Certification and Award

Weborn strives to explore an effective swimming coaching method with an aim to inspire children swim as a healthy sports. Thanks to the efforts of our professional coaches, Stanford has gained recognition both locally and internationally, including,

Australian Swimming Teachers’ Association (AUSTSWIM)

Weborn Founder was awarded the professional certification of AUSTSWIM, an international professional swimming organization.
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American Swimming Coaches Association

The American Swimming Coaches Association provides leadership to American and World swimming at all levels.ASCA develops and supports professional coaches and quality career opportunities in collaboration with its partners in the world aquatics community. 

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WeBorn Path

‘Weborn Path”, founded by Weborn, was awarded patent by the Intellectual Property Department (IPD). ”Weborn Path” establishes an innovative and structured program for children swimming learning that is recognized by international coaches, lecturers and professional athletes.

Systematic Swimming Learning

Systematic Swimming Learning

Weborn swimming course is known for its systematic design, for the children to learn swimming step by step, and to build up a strong body eventually. Learners may join the swimming team in the future to challenge themselves, develop self- discipline and improve stamina .


Representative Of Malaysia Team

Represents Malaysia in international competition and swim for Malaysia’s Victories


Winner Ahtletic Association

Aim to win top 3 in malaysia local competition



Winner Seed Swimmer Team

Aim to win Top 8 at malaysia local school competition


WeBorn Team Preparation Course (Intermediate -advance Level Swim Course)

Enhance Stamina and power through Weborn Path


WeBorn Basic Swimming Courses (Level 1- 6)

Achive the systematic training according to Weborn path

Enroll One Lesson to Trial

We can help you overcome Water phobia and improve basic swimming in 1 Lesson

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