Guaranteed Basic Swimming In

Guaranteed Basic Swimming
In 3 Months

Let Student Enjoy & Quickly know how to swimming is Weborn Mission

In-house designed and built indoor heated swimming pools

At WeBorn, all of our indoor heated pools are half in-house designed and built with state-of-the-art water sanitisation and filtration system for the comfort, hygiene, and safety of our little ones.


Weborn Have Unique Baby,Special Kids,Backache Patient ,old man & Athlete Swimming, Special Case Study Teaching Method

4 - 23 Months

2 - 12 Years Old

13 - 99 Years Old

7 - 20 Years Old

Why Choose WeBorn Academy

The only swim academy free Video/photography for student worth RM1288

Experienced Coach

Weborn Swim Academy already teach more than thousand student master swimming.

Indoor Heated Pool

We are indoor heated swimming pool.Never worry about sunlight,raining or cold water

Flexible Schedule

Other Swim Lesson counting by monthly,will burn if not attend.
We are counting lesson,able to make up 2 lesson at next week

Concentrate on All Student

Other academy allow 9 person per class,but weborn swim class only half of them

Improve Learning Skill

Indulge your kids in the fun of water sports.

Strengthen Coordination

A right level of coldness can stimulate cardiac activity, accelerate blood circulation, enhance resistance to coldness and improve body immune system

Release Stress

Swimming can ameliorate asthma and strengthen respiratory system

Adversity Training

Swimming is effective weight loss sports with low pressure to joints

Master Survival Skills

Research proved that swimming has positive effects on mathematics, oral, visual-spatial and athletic performances

Improve Immunity

Body coordination is the basis of children’s physical development. Continuous swim practice can promote the development of children’s nervous system and muscle building, as well as the muscle strength and flexibility

Improve Respiratory Issues

Swimming can reduce stress level so that children can face homework and examinations with greater ease

Weight Loss Exercise

WeBorn Swim Academy school conducts classes for both children and adults in the field of swimming, diving as well as aqua aerobics.

WeBorn Indoor Heated Swimming Pool

The happiest place to learn swimming! Our indoor pool is CRYSTAL CLEAR WATERS Gardening Enviroment

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We can help you overcome Water phobia and improve basic swimming in 1 Lesson

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Check out Stanford indoor heated pools. Lets us show you our quality courses.

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