Children Swim Lesson

Children Swim Lesson

Tailor-made For Children

Weborn Swim Academy designed “Weborn Path” based on the learning need and effectiveness for children. Accompanied by exquisite artwork illustrations of the course level, “Weborn Path” ᅠis tailor-made for children and carefully designed to enhance their learning spirits.

6-Level Structured Learning System

6-Level Structured Learning System

The course starts with basic techniques to strengthen the swim learning foundation while building up the student’s confidence.

WaterSafe Lv1 Foundation of Surviving

Build foundation, gain confidence and get ready for advanced level
Techniques: Submerging, floating, freestyle kicks with Surviving Stroke

Swim Skill Lv1 Freestyle

Freestyle provides the greatest speed among the four styles and the movements are relatively easy to develop. Therefore, it is suitable for beginners to start off and to gain self-confidence for further advancement. Backstroke requires swimming on the back. This has the advantage of easy breathing as the swimmer is facing upwards. It helps to master the back floating body position, which is a basic survival technique.
Techniques: Freestyle arms and breathing coordination. Backstroke kicks with streamlined body position, arms and swim coordination

Swim Skill Lv2 Backstroke

Breaststroke mimics the frog’s swimming movements and is the most popular swimming style. The swimmer is looking forward and is able to observe the surrounding environment.Breaststroke kicks, arms and breathing coordination treading water and shallow dive.

Swim Skill Lv3 Breaststroke

Butterfly stroke evolves from the swimming technique of Breaststroke. Its movement
mimics the dolphin kick. This is known to be the most gorgeous style among the four.
Techniques: Competitive technique of Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke, Butterfly kicks, arms and breathing coordination.

Swim Skill Lv4 Treading Water & Dolphin Kick

Basic training to enhance competition skills and stamina
Techniques: 4-stroke strengthening, start and turn, endurance and speed

Stroke Development & Butterfly

Advanced systematic training aiming at distance and speed enhancement
Techniques: Further strengthen 4-stroke skills and set goals for each member

Fully Explore Your Kid's Potential

Fully Explore Your Kid's Potential

It promotes bonding

Skin-to-skin contact strengthens the bond between you and your child. It also stimulates all 5 senses.

It builds confidence and independence in water, develops their learning skills

As your baby responds to repetitive voice
commands, it sharpens their mental skills
and increases their levels of understanding.
Exercises that involve moving independently
in water and holding on to the side are
wonderful for your baby’s confidence.

It prevents the fear of water

It’s great fun to swim with your baby. Parents’ encouragement helps their babies overcome the fear of water and hence they will learn to swim earlier. You will be proud of what your baby can do!

It teaches life-saving skills and water safety

Your babies will learn various practical and simple
life-saving skills and water safety techniques. This helps them feel at
ease and learn how to respond when moving around in water.

Build A Strong Foundation Of Your Life.

Archieve Highest Physical and Mental Development

Archieve Highest Physical and Mental Development

It builds their strength, co-ordination and balance

Norwegian University of Science and Technology observed the baby swimmers who had participated in swimming classes from the age of 3 months. At approximately age 5, these baby swimmers have been tested again on abilities of physical activities. ᅠThe results found that these baby swimmers were better in exercises that related to balance and the ability to reach for things compared with the babies did not learn swimming.

It makes baby smart

Professor Liselott Diem of the German Sports Centre found that swimming
babies had advanced motor development, social skills and intelligence.
Reference: Professor Liselott Diem, German Sports Centre, Cologne, 1974-1976

It strengthens the heart, lung and immunity

Each lesson provides a complete physical work-out, strengthening your baby’s heart and lungs and in turn aiding development of the brain — including stimulating all 5 senses (taste, smell, touch, sight and sound). You and your baby can burn up to 300 calories each lesson.

It improves digestive system and sleep

Warm water relaxes your baby, and swimming stimulates their appetite; for you, the good news is improved sleeping and eating patterns!

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